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Am I Becoming a Hipster?

Is it possible? Am I shedding my preppy New England persona and edging more and more towards hipster? I mean my food choices have definitely always aired on that side, but has Prague been bringing out the rest of my previously hidden hipster persona?

Let’s look at the facts. I’ve recently started going to yoga twice a week. I’d honestly be going more if my schedule allowed. And we’re not talking yoga like the classes at your gym. We’re talking honest to God, all the spiritual and meditation bits included, yoga. After my Friday morning sunrise yoga class (you read that correctly, sunrise), I go to a local coffee shop and get a flat white or cappuccino and avocado toast. With arugula. And sesame seeds. Did I mention the sourdough toast is locally sourced? Maybe next time I’ll branch out and get the green smoothie bowl.

Coffee while waiting for avocado toast

The coffee shop itself is minimalist chic with a touch of industrial, a favorite of your friendly neighborhood Brooklyn hipsters. The tables and chairs are a basic dark stained wood. Three blue pendant lights hang down over the counter and sandwich/dessert case. There’s a blue bike leaned up against one of the walls. People wearing flannel and scarves sit reading while sipping coffee eating avocado toast. Avocado toast is probably THE most ordered food on their menu.

My go-to bar is a cocktail bar in my neighborhood, which happens to be one of the recognized hipster neighborhoods of Prague. It’s filled with bars and coffee shops and it has that slightly run down but still mostly safe vibe that makes Brooklyn in New York and well half the neighborhoods in LA such attractive locales for millennial hipsters. Their Tuesday night Ladies’ Night special is FREE sangria for as long as supplies last. Their cocktails are also quite good. The one non-hipster part of it, it’s not expensive. My cocktail only sets me back the equivalent of $5. Granted a beer would only set me back $1.50, but in a country where beer is cheaper than water…

My cocktail costs about the same as the green juice I’ll occasionally buy when I don’t feel like making a green smoothie at home. Now there’s no kale in it, but only because kale is incredibly hard to find in Czech Republic (and boy do I miss my kale chips). Spinach, carrots, beets, celery, cucumber, tomato, you name the vegetable and I will probably put it in a juice or smoothie.

I’ve even started hiking! Not in the lets see how tall a mountain I can climb without dying way, but in the I want to see everything up close and on foot slow travel kind of way. Authentic experiences I think people call them.

Oh, I’m also wearing a hat and ankle boots at the moment.

So the verdict? Am I a hipster? My friend Mei pointed out that hipster basically means a super basic LA girl at this point. So what do you call a yoga-doing, green juice drinking, avocado toast eating, local coffee shop frequenting, ankle boot wearing, occasional hiker, and fancy cocktail imbiber? A yuppie? A hipster? Or just maybe a millennial. Who knows, but whatever I’ve become, I’m liking it.


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