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Perfect Saturday Mornings in Prague

The air has been getting warmer, flowers are starting to sprout, leaves are slowly starting to appear on trees. The signs all point to the approaching spring and the return of the farmers markets is just another tell-tale sign winter is almost behind us. I know it’s technically spring, but forgive this former New Englander for not taking a date on a calendar as the official welcome of spring (several April Fool’s Day blizzards come to mind).

While I have a neighborhood farmers market open during the week, I like to start my Saturdays by waking up and heading down to the river for the market there. It’s bigger, first of all, and incredibly picturesque with swans swimming in the river and a view of the castle in the distance.

While there’s not much in the way of fresh produce yet (besides carrots, cabbage, potatoes, and onions), there are plenty of non-produce vendors to make the trip incredibly worthwhile. There are the numerous coffee stands caffeinating the masses. There’s the man making garlic and butter toast on a wood burning griddle stove. There are the florists who will custom make an arrangement for you with the budget you set (200-300 crowns, or around 8-12 USD will get you a gorgeous tulip arrangement currently). The dairy and cheese stands with their delicious samples are some of my favorites. And then there are the food vendors– my favorite: a raclette stand. For the uninitiated, this is a French dish where melted raclette is served over potatoes and various other delicious tidbits. The vendors here do potatoes, cornichons, and pearl onions as the basic serving, with the ability to add things like chorizo. They also serve grilled cheese and other sandwiches. As a cheese lover, this is stand is absolute heaven. It’s also an incredible brunch on a rainy day.

There are also pasta stands, wine makers, beer brewers, fish mongers, and other food trucks/stands to satisfy all of your food and beverage desires. There is also a basket maker who sells everything from market baskets to hampers to other wicker goods– it’s where I got my lovely basket for my market trips!

Back in Baltimore, I always started my Saturday off with a visit to the Farmers Market and Prague is no different. Even on rainy days, this is my favorite way to start the weekend anywhere in the world.

For more information about the Naplavka Market:

For more information about all the farmers markets in Prague:


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