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Now that I have my visa, I can start traveling again! I normally leave a little spontaneity, but since it’s almost peak season in Europe, and I have limited flexibility, most of my big summer trips are already planned or in the works. So where will the next few months take me?

May:                                                                                                                                                         Poland! I went to Poland with my grandmother the other summer. We visited Warsaw, Krakow, and Zakopane. While I am still eventually planning on heading to new cities in Poland, this trip will be revisiting Krakow and Warsaw with a friend and their family. I leave in just a few days and couldn’t be more excited to be heading back to one of my favorite countries!

June:                                                                                                                                                    Birthday weekend: Continuing the trend of revisiting the old hits, I’m planning on heading back to Budapest for my birthday. Budapest was the first non-Western European city I visited and still one of my favorite places. I am always a sucker for spas and baths, so a city sitting on thermal springs with a cool art scene and delicious food is a winner in my books.

End of the June: Adding a new city to my list– I’ll be heading to Cambridge! I have a friend studying there, so I’ll be heading out to visit for a few days and see the University town after my kid classes end for the school year. I haven’t spent too much time in England since I was eleven months old, and since I can’t remember that, I’ve only ever visited London for 36 hours at a time. So it’ll be fun to see a new part of the country! It’ll also be nice to understand the store clerks and not feel rude all the time.

July:                                                                                                                                                        Italy, specifically Cinque Terre! While this trip is still tentative, since Cinque Terre in summer is crowded and expensive, I do have a hostel booked to ensure a good price. This was done on a sort of whim, a friend had shared a video of a table with an antipasti platter and wine on a terrace overlooking the ocean in Cinque Terre. I was already on HostelWorld, writing a review, so I booked a bed, knowing that there are super cheap flights to Milan. I’ve never been to Italy, so I’m excited for this trip, even if it means enduring crowds.

August:                                                                                                                                                     Home! I’m heading back to the US for three weeks in August. I’ll be seeing friends, taking the GRE, and probably going to Maine. Hoping to do some day trips or something as well and see more of the beautiful region I’m from– New England.

That’s all I have planned for now, might be more trips added during the summer, but those are the big ones. I’ll also be working at a summer camp for a week in July, so I’ll be seeing a new part of the Czech Republic!


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