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I Nearly Died Canoeing

Ok, so I didn't nearly die. At the time, it felt like it. About a month ago, I decided to go canoeing with a group called Aventouro. They organize awesome outdoors trips around Czech Republic and Slovakia for really good prices. I'm more of a kayaker than a canoer, but I thought I'd give it a try. We set off in the morning for Beroun, where we'd get a quick lesson on canoes and safety and then hit the water for a 13 km paddle.

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What I Love (and Hate) About Teaching ESL in Preschool

I didn't come to Prague expecting to teach preschool. I wanted to teach kids, sure, but I didn't want to go as young as three or four. And I certainly never expected to be doing it with no Czech speaking co-teacher. But here I am, almost five months later, and I haven't pulled my hair out (yet)! There are some days where I absolutely love the environment, but other days when I really question my sanity. There are definitely aspects that I love and hate about teaching general ESL preschool.

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Surviving a Czech Spa

Surviving and spa don’t usually go in the same sentence. But that’s because Czech spas are different than the type of spa that most Americans picture. These spas are more medical and wellness spas than pampering, so the ones not attached to fancy hotels, aren’t always the most luxurious and the treatments are more medically oriented than relaxation.