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Upcoming Travel!

Now that I have my visa, I can start traveling again! I normally leave a little spontaneity, but since it's almost peak season in Europe, and I have limited flexibility, most of my big summer trips are already planned or in the works. So where will the next few months take me? May:    … Continue reading Upcoming Travel!

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What I Love (and Hate) About Teaching ESL in Preschool

I didn't come to Prague expecting to teach preschool. I wanted to teach kids, sure, but I didn't want to go as young as three or four. And I certainly never expected to be doing it with no Czech speaking co-teacher. But here I am, almost five months later, and I haven't pulled my hair out (yet)! There are some days where I absolutely love the environment, but other days when I really question my sanity. There are definitely aspects that I love and hate about teaching general ESL preschool.

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Hostel Review: Generator Mitte Berlin

Note: When I stayed at the Generator, I wasn't really planning on writing a blog post review, so I didn't take any pictures, but I'll link to their website at the end. The pictures there are pretty accurate. Generator is a hostel chain that exists in quite a few cities in Europe.  In fact, there are… Continue reading Hostel Review: Generator Mitte Berlin

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Back to Berlin: Part 1

I've been quiet for awhile-- for good reason, it got a bit busy for a couple weeks. At the very end of March, my visa was approved! This was great but sent me into whirlwind planning mode because I had to get health insurance, find a time to go to Berlin, get a bus or train ticket, book a hostel, and make sure I had all the necessary paperwork ready to go.