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Teaching Online: Yay or Nay

In the spring, as I realized my classes were winding down for the summer, I knew I was going to need to find a supplemental source of income for slower months, or even days where I had time in the afternoon. Luckily, there is such high demand for English education in Asia, China in particular,… Continue reading Teaching Online: Yay or Nay

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What I Love (and Hate) About Teaching ESL in Preschool

I didn't come to Prague expecting to teach preschool. I wanted to teach kids, sure, but I didn't want to go as young as three or four. And I certainly never expected to be doing it with no Czech speaking co-teacher. But here I am, almost five months later, and I haven't pulled my hair out (yet)! There are some days where I absolutely love the environment, but other days when I really question my sanity. There are definitely aspects that I love and hate about teaching general ESL preschool.

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22 Hours in Berlin

I'm down to under 12 hours left in my whirlwind 22 hour trip to the German capital. Six of the hours were spent sleeping, three were spent in the Czech embassy, and two were spent watching a movie with the friend I was staying with. I knew I wouldn't have much time to see the city, and in my opinion, the best way to get to see a city quickly is on a walking tour. Even better if it's free. So that's just what I did.